By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

PSY’s Gangnam Style video became the most viral video of all time last week. It has hundreds of millions of views and has also become the most “liked” video on YouTube. The Korean rapper sensation’s video may soon become the first video ever to reach a billion views. With an average viewing rate of seven million views a day, the record may not be too far out of reach. You have probably seen this humorous music video at least once. If you have access to the internet and a computer, there’s little chance that this video has fallen outside your social media radar.

The Gangnam style video has inspired a multitude of parody styles, including but not limited to “Jewish style,” “Mitt Romney style” and “Korean Pageant style.” Like any catchy song that can be set to lights, Gangnam style is no exception to the synchronized Christmas light craze. In the spirit of the holidays, I present to you Gangnam style done to Christmas lights!



Use your study break to dance to some Korean pop music while getting in the holiday spirit. Two necessities, one place. You. Are. Welcome.