By Ryan Galindo, Staff Writer

Turkeys are running for their lives and college students will get a much-needed reprieve from out grueling studies. Most of us are going home for the weekend while others are staying in Boston. No matter where you spend your Thanksgiving, there’s always an outlet to release your holiday spirit. Here’s a list of ways to make your Thanksgiving special:



Family and friends

When was the last time you saw your friends and family back home? With classes put on hold, Thanksgiving break is the perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone very close to your heart. Hug them, tell them about your classes and ask them about their lives. Communicate and cherish. Even if you’re staying in town, there’s always the internet and your phone as a medium of connection.

Cook and eat

I mean, of course.

What’s Thanksgiving without food, right? Cook and eat to your heart’s (or stomach’s) content. I don’t know about you, but I really miss having a kitchen. I was at a friend’s apartment the other day and actually got to dice vegetables and cook food. I even washed dishes. Call me crazy, but I actually had fun doing those chores because I haven’t done them in months.

But yes, cook and eat. Have your parents make you your favorites, and maybe even grandma can make you some treats to take back to your dorm. Enjoy it because before you know it, you’ll be out of that kitchen as soon as break ends.

Even if you’re staying in Boston, don’t fret. Maybe your friends have apartments to cook at. If not, there are tons of amazing eateries in town. Cannolis, anybody? Check out Mike’s Pastry, my personal favorite place to go if I want to satiate my sweet tooth.


In the midst of celebrating this holiday of gratitude, it’s almost impossible not to think about those who are not as fortunate to have as much as we do. So why not express our gratitude for what we have in the best way possible: by giving back. Volunteering is a great way to spend your break (or part of it). Every little bit of kindness counts. There are many opportunities for volunteerism, so it’s almost impossible not to find one that doesn’t fit your schedule. Take time off to celebrate the holiday at a soup kitchen or participate in a food drive. It’ll make your holiday even more special and will lighten up someone’s day.

Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers / PHOTO BY MIKE DERER, AP

Black Friday shopping

If turkey and mashed potatoes haven’t made you sick to you stomach, consider going shopping on perhaps the busiest and rowdiest day of the year: Black Friday. This is the perfect opportunity to snag deals on normally expensive goods. Need a television for your dorm or a game console for those lazy, boring winter nights? You’ll probably be able to get them for a fraction of what you would pay off-season. Plus, you can shop for Christmas presents, since they’ll be way cheaper, and maybe an extra winter coat or two.


If you seriously run out of things to do, studying would be the perfect filling to your empty pockets of time. Finals are in a month, so you’ve got nothing to lose by planning ahead.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving, everyone!