By Hilary Ribons, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again. The month before Christmas when the faces of millions of normal American men become engulfed in mountain-men level facial hair.

No Shave November—The chagrin of women (and some men) everywhere.

I hate to break it to you, but copious facial hair: not sexy. Not even a little bit. Please, do us a favor, and shave your face on a regular basis unless your beard is sexy. It’s hard to nail, and few are.

Girl mustacheIt’s a long withstanding social movement that coincides with the infamous month. Movember, a word combining mustache and November, is a movement that takes advantage of No Shave November by making it into a way to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer.

“… these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery,” according to the charity’s website, Movember and Sons. “Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.”

For No Shave November, you can’t shave at all. For Movember, however, a mustache is required. Therefore, your sideburns can’t touch your mustache, and your chin hair can’t touch it either because that would make it a goatee. This is difficult for most gentlemen.

Of course, hipsters everywhere have extended No Shave November to a year round event, pruning and shaping their mustaches or beards to levels not seen since the 19th century. Maybe they’re protesting the manufacturing procedures of razor producers. Maybe they’re protesting the mainstream clean-shaven look. But most likely, they are just trying to be ironic. We will never know.

But since it seems we can’t stop the onslaught of unshaven men, maybe we can at least attribute a cause to it. So if you are a guy (or a girl, no prejudice) participating in this phenomenon, at least try to raise money for an actual cause. At least Movember has some ground rules.

Enjoy an extreme case of beard, unfolding here:


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