By Hilary Ribons, Staff Writer

Another whacko producer has done it again. An over-produced, highly auto-tuned music video featuring a preteen has taken over YouTube.

However, unlike similar songs about pre-teen activities like shopping, jeans, friends or an extreme love for Friday, this song is an ode to the under-appreciated holiday Thanksgiving. Uh yeah, Thanksgiving?

Nicole Westbrook, 12, dances and sings through horrendous lyrics for more than 3 minutes in the video for her song titled “It’s Thanksgiving,” produced by Patrice Wilson, the same mastermind behind Rebecca Black.

The introduction to the video is a series of shots of the young girl, equipped with “uh uh oh” an awkward number of times. She sits on her bed, gazing into space in the most creepy way. She picks up a Sharpie marker and begins crossing off the days on her calendar until Thanksgiving, allowing the audience to experience her full range of auto-tuned vocals.

Nicole Westbrook

A still from the “It’s Thanksgiving” music video

Though the entire song is a LOLfest, there are some moments that are especially LOL-worthy. There’s Westbrook’s eerie smile that persists throughout the whole fiasco, especially while she lists off her favorite holidays when surrounded by her preteen friends. And then there’s little things: she licks mashed potato off her finger and later sings into a phallic turkey leg. Surely these weren’t her ideas.

This video is not without the staple of these preteen videos: a 30-something-year-old R&B artist (uh, hi producer Patrice) pops up into what looks like a kids-only Christmas party with an equally creepy smile (1:45). Okay, maybe it’s slightly more creepy since he is the ONLY adult in the video and the entire time he seems to go unnoticed by the partying middle schoolers. Better yet is when he arrives as the last guest at Westbrook’s Thanksgiving dinner, rolls up into the driveway in his black mustang and then answers the door in a Turkey costume, tribal-ish tattoos peeking out all.

Perhaps the best part about the video is that out of the more than seven million people who watched it so far, about 112,000 of them took the time to press the “dislike” button.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving (because apparently that’s a serious thing), proceed to laugh it up.


Mashed potatoes, yeah! LOL you’ll regret this in five years, yeah! Poor girl. We almost feel sorry for her.