By Marie Goldstein, Staff Writer

The weather’s getting gloomy, but there’s no reason you should, too. There are plenty of things around Boston to brighten your day. Here are a few that always work for me.

Street Performers

Whether you are walking down Newbury Street or wandering through Faneuil Hall, you are bound to see street performers. Let’s be real, these people are freaky, but they are hilarious. I think the funniest part is how serious the performers take their professions. When you think about it, though, their acts take legitimate skill. Exuberant dancers or the weird silver people who look like robots are guaranteed to catch your eye and make you laugh.

Duck Tours

This tourist attraction is bound to bring a smile to your face. Although it’s cheesy and ridiculous, Boston tourists enjoy riding in a boat through the streets. Not only do you learn about the city, it makes you enjoy the time travel back to childhood as you quack along like a duck. I also get enjoyment from just watching a Duck Tour from the street. I admit to making fun of the grown adults quacking. Whether or not I want to spend money on the tour, I can always get a laugh from the duck boats on the street.

The Commonwealth Avenue runner

My mood is always uplifted when walking through Boston University’s campus in the morning, the afternoon, when it’s snowing, or even on my way home from the library at 2 a.m. Students all know him and love him: he’s any crazy runner. There is no doubt that when it is below zero degrees outside and you see an intense runner in only a tank top and shorts you will start laughing. In addition to the absurdity, an attempt at interacting with him is hysterical.