By Amira Francis, Staff Writer

Boston Public Garden

A street performer plays at Boston Public Garden / PHOTO BY AMIRA FRANCIS

Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in the confines of Boston University’s campus. Sure, there’s a whole world out there, but BU is, well, comfy, convenient and safe. Why go out somewhere else to study and have a good time when you can curl up in your best friend’s dorm to eat and snooze, or visit Mugar Memorial Library to nestle down and plow through your homework?

Well, I’m here to remind you why. It’s refreshing, stimulating and healthy. It gives you a change of atmosphere. I’m going to talk about just a few obvious places that often get overlooked when deciding where to study or relax. Sometimes, it’s important to get away from the vibe of the BU campus and fall into something a little bit different.

The Garden: I’m sure you’ve been to the Boston Public Garden. But how often do you come here to have a full day of entertainment, relaxation or even studying? It’s easy to get caught up in a world of only college students, but when you come to the garden, you’re reminded that there’s a whole menagerie of people out there—people of different ages, with different ideas, from different backgrounds. It’s kind of nice to get out of the college scene and see all different walks of life.

You could use the garden for many different things. You could find a quiet spot to hit the books underneath one of the many willow trees around the park. You could use the time alone to stroll through the park and listen to the various musicians and performers along the path. You could come here with a group of friends and make it a day of adventure, trying out restaurants around the park or playing some sort of pick-up game. Be inspired to play your own music in the park. Decide to be a kid and climb one of the many trees it offers. Give a little money and love to the performers that are trying to share their talent with you.

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Garden / PHOTO BY AMIRA FRANCIS

Harvard Square: Okay, chances are you’ve been here too. If you haven’t, decide to make the trip! Harvard Square is a magical place, my friends. It’s filled with an intellectual buzz. You can find a cafe in nearly every other building you pass, and the square itself is always full of people—students, tourists and professors alike. There are a variety of things you can do in a day trip here, including bringing homework to cafe-hop with or going shopping at the local Urban Outfitters. There are always different events happening around the square that emanate creativity, too. Whether it’s a painter selling his art, a local playing guitar and singing, or two people dressed as historical figures giving tours, Harvard Square always has something interesting to offer.

Harvard Square


Espresso Royale Caffe: If you don’t have quite the time or energy to get out of BU’s campus, there’s always a little niche called Espresso Royale waiting around the corner. Walking into the cute, comfortable cafe is basically like stepping into another world. The atmosphere changes, and suddenly you don’t feel like you’re at BU anymore. Dimly lit with indie music playing quietly in the background and a comforting aroma of coffee wafting through the air, Espresso Royale makes for a good getaway without straying too far from home. Here, you can always find friendly company, good conversation and a fresh cup of coffee. Perfect for stimulating your young college mind.

Whether your journey takes you far or keeps you close to home, be sure to switch it up often and journey outside to discover new hotspots! Boston has plenty to offer.