By Ryan Galindo, Staff Writer

I’d never been on a road trip before, unless you consider driving from one end of Guam to the other in roughly one hour a road trip.

This past weekend, I went to Washington, D.C. I was nothing short of excited to go on this trip, being that it was my first time venturing out of Boston and Massachusetts and state-hopping until I arrived at the nation’s capital.

The trip wasn’t for leisure, though; it was mostly business… sort of. The Boston University Filipino Student Association went to attend an annual event where a bunch of other collegiate Filipino clubs from several universities in New England came together and discuss our culture. This year, it happened to take place at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., which is just minutes from D.C.

Union Station

American flags ripple in the wind outside Union Station / PHOTO CREDIT RYAN GALINDO

The thought of the trip was thrilling, but the length of travel, not so much. After having spent 24 hours traveling from Guam to Boston, where I had to sit and stay put on a claustrophobia-inducing plane for eight hours TWICE, I was not looking forward to the 10-hour bus ride to D.C.

Excuse my whining. Now, let’s get to the sappy stuff.

Union Station


We left Boston on a Friday evening and arrived at D.C. the following morning. When I took my first step outside Union Station, I proceeded to indulge myself with a long, panoramic gaze of the city. And it was beautiful. The sight of Columbus Circle with its massive sculptures, fountain and flags of every state was a nice sight that welcomed me to the nation’s capital.

But again, we weren’t there to sight-see but to attend a convention. As much as I wanted to take a tour of the capital, the

convention took precedence. The cab ride to Fairfax, Va. was the closest thing to a tour that I got. I saw the Capitol, the Lincoln Monument and the Washington Monument on the way to GMU, albeit from a distance—a very, very far distance. The Washington Monument looks bigger in person than in picture, I might add.

I’d write about the convention, but I’d be going off tangent, so I’ll continue with the ride back to Boston.

We left D.C. on a Sunday morning with the plan to return to Boston by 9 p.m. Because the trip to D.C. was during the evening, I couldn’t get to enjoy the sights since it was dark out. So, on the way back, I was pretty hyped for the trip back because I could actually see what’s out there.

New York City skyline

The sun sets on the New York City skyline / PHOTO CREDIT RYAN GALINDO

Although I had an extreme bout of motion sickness and soreness from sitting too long, the different scenes of New England made it that much bearable and worth it. I mean, I got to see the New York City skyline for the first time in person—like it was actually a couple of miles away from me. I’ve always dreamt about visiting the city that never sleeps. Before the trip, I’d only seen the city in pictures and on television and had experienced it vicariously through my friends that visited it. It was almost surreal, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I am always in a state of disbelief when I see or experience something so unlike Guam. Seeing the skyline reminded me that I wasn’t in the middle of the Pacific anymore.

As was planned, we arrived back in Boston around 9 p.m. When I got back to my sweet dorm, I couldn’t help but crashing on my bed and sleeping like a baby because my mind and body were tired and sore from all the traveling.

But I would go through it all again for another road trip experience.