By Katie Doyle, Food Editor

Whether it’s on a corner in Kenmore Square, the center of George Sherman Union, under Warren Towers or steps from the Fitness and Recreation Center in West Campus, most Boston University students pass by a City Convenience each day.

Vegan chicken lo meinAt first glance, the little store, dubbed “City Co.” by most Terriers, seems pretty ordinary: cold drinks, candy, coffee and snacks. It also seems like finding something in the store that is vegetarian, healthy and delicious would be impossible.

As it would turn out, first impressions can sometimes be deceptive. Check out City Co.’s refrigerated section, and you’ll see why, so long as the store has OneStopNatural’s Bento Box in stock.

In tune with the motif of misleading first impressions, the Bento Box might not look so appealing at first: rice, dumplings and an odd-looking pile of vegetable protein nuggets.

A glance at the label isn’t very encouraging, either. When I first grabbed one, rushed on my way to Mugar, I wondered if something with a measly 320 calories and a ton of vitamins and minerals (80 percent of your recommended dose of vitamin A, 25 percent of vitamin C and 20 percent of iron) would be remotely appetizing.

I came to find out that the Bento Box wasn’t just okay; it was good. Really, really good—so much so that the Bento Box actually became a staple of my sophomore year, and continues to be one of my favorite on-the-go choices this year, too. If I didn’t have time for lunch or was disappointed with the dining hall’s dinner offerings, I’d grab a Bento Box from City Co.

I still can’t quite figure out how OneStopNatural manages to make a meal that is delicious, healthy and easy to grab on-the-go. Despite its low calories, it’s really filling. You won’t find yourself hungry until hours later. It’s also low in fat, high in fiber and packs in a great punch of protein.

You can’t ask for much more from a $6 box of food that takes roughly three minutes to purchase, but in this case, you can.

When you see a Bento Box in City Co., grab it when you can because City Co. sometimes runs out of them. Although I suspect that they just don’t stock enough of them, I wouldn’t be surprised of some of my fellow vegetarians and vegans have discovered the Bento Box. After all, if you’re looking for a lunch or dinner that’s quick, tasty and mind-blowingly good for you, the Bento Box is your best bet.