By Maya Devereaux, Staff Writer

Hopefully I’m not the only person who always clicks through to Instagram posts that surface on my Facebook newsfeed, and then remembers in disappointment that, oh yeah, you can’t see Instagram profiles on the web. But hallelujah, Instagram has announced it will begin rolling out web-accessible profiles! Since Facebook bought Instagram earlier this year, it is no surprise that the latter will resemble the former.

I don’t know about you, but I sure am excited about this. Thanks to this new feature, I can get a greater dose of my Instagram guilty pleasures, and you can more easily stalk your friends’ photos. Also, powering the online web presence will allow the expansion of Instagram’s audience. Previously, the application was only accessible via smartphone, but now we might be seeing more youngsters on the Instagram scene. And by youngsters, I mean bratty tweens like my 11-year-old sister, who has an iPhone and twice as many followers than I have… Awkward.

Instagram online may also pose a threat to websites such as Webstagram, Statigram, Populagram and all of those other websites whose purpose is to allow online Instagram profile viewing. But as for the actual profiles themselves, the popular ones will see an increase in following since it will now be easier to browse. Let me help you by urging you to follow these entertaining Instagrams that you just cannot miss, whether in the new online format or on your smartphone.



Cuteboys_withcats is exactly eeing photwhat you are thinking. Who doesn’t love sos of good-looking men with their feline furry friends? Join its other 30,000 followers, and you will be treated with cute boys and cats in your feed everyday. What a better way to start the day?

My all-time guilty pleasure, however, happens to be not an Instagram profile, rather a tumblr compiling the best photos from Instagram that displays the sickening wealth of America’s richest kids (Rich Kids of Instagram). The Tumblr keeps tabs on how they live, private jets, flowing Moet and all. Though borderline repulsive, you can’t help but sit there and gawk.