By Brandon Lewis, Staff Writer

Everyone has his or her own opinion when it comes to college rankings. Some believe that the ranking of a university is the most important factor when choosing an institution to attend. When I went through the stressful college application process a year ago, the ranks of the schools I applied to were important. I constantly checked US News & World Report to locate the ranks of the colleges on my list. But that’s just me. Others may disregard rankings and look for schools that best suit them. If you are not the type to worry about rankings, then maybe the results of the 2012 Global Employability Survey the New York Times released will change your mind.

NYT employability

Last week, the New York Times released the results of the survey in which respected executives from around the world were asked to rank colleges based on the employability of their graduates. More than 5,000 recruiters, executives and managers representing 20 countries identified the universities that they seek to hire graduates from. The survey was conducted by Emerging, a French-based human resources consultancy and Trendence, a research firm that mainly explores employer branding, personal marketing and recruitment. Boston University was ranked seventh out of all other United States Colleges, ahead of prestigious schools such as Brown University (22), New York University (37) and our arch rival Boston College (83). Out of 150 universities, American universities are represented the most with 50 colleges making the list. Six are in the top ten with Harvard University taking the top spot.

What does that mean for us Terriers?

Well, first of all, if any Terrier has doubts about the awesomeness of BU, then the survey should subside them. We are attending a reputable university with exceptional faculty, bright students and a plethora of opportunities for us to find our calling. Realize that you are lucky to have the opportunity to spend four years of your life at a place like this. The ranking reveals that BU, our school, prepares us for life beyond college. Our teachers instill in us knowledge and lessons that make us marketable in the job market.

Secondly, know that while this is reassuring, it’s not a guaranteed spot in the job market. Top companies aren’t just hiring the average graduate from BU. They are hiring graduates that stand out from the rest. When I graduate in 2016, there will be over 4,000 other students receiving their diploma along with me. All 4,000 of us aren’t going to be hired right away. All 4,000 of us won’t even be hired. The best of the best are able to separate themselves from the crowd and become recognized by employers. Job employers want students that will be a good fit for their establishments. There will be the part time auto mechanics, waitresses, you name it, years after college. If by then you find that’s your real calling and the work you enjoy, great. If not, you’re the only one to blame. The ranking means nothing if you don’t take charge of your life. The ranking and degree won’t do the work for you. Strive to be great, and strive to BE YOU!