By Olivia DeFrances, Staff Writer

YouTube user ThirdEagleBooks, an elderly, strict Republican and Catholic, outwardly decided to support Mitt Romney by singing songs about him (and against Obama) on YouTube. His YouTube profile states that he “does not hear voices,” but “God gives prophecy to [him] by a revelation which [he knows] comes not from [his] own thoughts but outside [his] mind.” Apparently, God has given him revelations that Mitt Romney must win the election, and that his purpose is to sing songs (against a lovely artificial backdrop of a river, nevertheless) to support him.

Among some of his most crafty YouTube video titles are, “Bible Prophecy: What if Romney Wins?” and “GOD VERIFIES: OBAMA IS THE LEOPARD!”

I don’t know what’s sadder: that political debate has come down to this, or that this guy is serious, or so it seems. You at least can’t deny that it’s creative and funny in that, “Oh man, what is going on here?” kind of way.

But honestly, if this is all that it takes to get voter’s attention and to influence them, we could vote anyone into office based on how many YouTube videos are dedicated to them or how many likes they have on Facebook. There are the upsides to modern day campaigning, but there is also utter ridiculousness.

Elections are supposed to be serious things, but if it’s come down to God-ordained YouTube videos from eccentric candidate supporters, if you will, I’d be more than a little concerned about our country’s future….

But who couldn’t do with a good laugh out of something one guy might just take totally seriously?


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