By Marie Goldstein, Staff Writer

This weekend, the streets of Allston swarmed with college students dressed in their Halloweekend best. I believe the best costumes are ones that are hilariously clever and have minimal money is spent on them. This weekend they were hard to find, but there were few that stood out. From the classic kitty cat to Mitt Romney, I am constantly amazed by the creativity of students, if only we could channel this in the classroom…

Binders Full of Women

A potential binders full of women costume / IMAGE COURTESY BINDERSFULLOFWOMEN.TUMBLR.COM

NHL Lockout costume

A potential NHL lockout costume / PHOTO COURTESY REDDITLURKER.COM

1. Binders full of women

I saw my fair share of Mitt Romney costumes, but this one was unlike any of the others. Others may have been holding a binder full of women, but this guy was physically a binder full of women. He folded a cardboard box around himself that said Romney and Ryan and taped pictures of women on the inside so when you open it, he was binders full of women. I love it because it’s clever, current and hilarious.

2. The NHL lockout

This was definitely one of the easiest and most clever costumes for a guy. All it takes is an NHL jersey and chains to throw around your neck. Although this was a common costume on the street, I still thought it was a great idea. I love costumes based on current events, and like the binders full of women, the NHL lockout is something that years from now we will remember what a joke our society is. Again, this costume passes my standards: clever, current, hilarious and for a guy, effortless!

3. The king of the jungle

Who doesn’t own anything cheetah print? And if you don’t, you are crazy and you should! This was done wearing a cheetah print robe, a cheetah tie, cheetah shorts and a crown. Does it get any easier? It was clever and comfortable to go out. You can likely create this costume without spending a dime.