By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer


Well, Sandy is on her way, and in the spirit of all natural disaster preparation, munchies are at the top of extreme necessities. I was at Shaw’s last night along with what felt like all of the Bostonian community, stocking up on groceries to last a week. Clearly, I ignored the fact that the storm is only supposed to stay until Wednesday. You can never be too prepared. If the winds, up to 90 miles per hour tonight, aren’t bad enough for you, being snackless would really put a damper on the storm. Here are the essentials:

1. Dry cereal

We all know that cereal is the best. And it’s good for any time of day. Get it while it’s there, though. A reliable source (okay, my roommate) told me that they are already out of Apple Jacks at City Co. I picked up a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats because I can never get enough of them.

2. Crackers

On the Snacker Crackers’ box, it says, “essential everyday.” They aren’t lying. Crackers should be their own disaster relief food group. There were enough boxes at the store last night to pick up a few. If the cracker is too plain for your taste buds, a jar of peanut butter or Nutella wouldn’t hurt to throw in the shopping cart.

Hurricane survival

Some goodies I picked up last night to last me while I wait out the storm / PHOTO CREDIT HEATHER GOLDIN

3. Granola bars

Another alternative to crackers, granola bars are just plain good to have, whether you fear starvation or not. They come in giant super saver amounts, so they’ll be able to keep you inside for days before you decide you come out from your hurricane shelter. Some granola bars are even packed with dried fruit and other healthy ingredients, fulfilling any need for real food that expires without a fridge. That’s right, we thought ahead for a possible power outage.

4. Popcorn and hot chocolate*

Who doesn’t love popcorn? And hot chocolate is my go-to beverage whenever I encounter a life-threatening storm. Build a fort in your residence, grab your favorite DVD or a book, and snuggle with that stuffed animal we all know and love. Hit up that Hurricane Sandy Playlist as well, and you’ve got yourself a pretty comfortable set-up to battle Sandy.

5.  Instant drinks

So, your mom called and told you to stock up on water. Done. But that’s kind of boring, so pick up some water add-ins to spice up your hurricane hibernation life.  I picked up a box of Arnold Palmer Stix, and those should last me through the storm considering there are 20 servings. Time will tell.

6. Wine, rum, etc.

When social media falls through after the power outage, you’re going to need SOMETHING to keep you entertained. My roommate swears by putting rum in her hot chocolate. A bottle of wine’s relatively cheap on a college student budget. I’m sure a few stores are still open. There’s no roommate bonding more powerful than drinking together in hopes of survival.

But really, good luck with the storm everyone! I will be rooting for you from inside my blanket fort. No joke.

*Note: In the event of a power outage, pre-popped popcorn is a good substitute. As for the hot chocolate, well, my day will get a little worse without it.