By Marie Goldstein, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Sunset Cantina is definitely the best place to eat on campus. I don’t know a soul who can say no to an invitation to Sunset. What is it that gets students to go back again and again?

1. The nachos

As an experienced nacho lover, there is nowhere in the world that has better nachos than Sunset Cantina. The South of the Border Nachos are literally to die for. I know this sounds ridiculous, but the chip-to-toppings ratio is perfect. Also, I love the different sizes you can get. I can eat a half-size as dinner and a full-size is enough to feed four. I plan on trying the extra larger portion in the near future.

Sunset Cantina

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2. The margaritas

Who wouldn’t want a margarita between classes?

Sunset has a huge variety of margaritas on the rocks and frozen margaritas. My favorite is, hands down, the Golden Mango Mambo on the Frozen Cantina Margaritas menu. The variety of margaritas gives me something new to try every time. I am determined to try every frozen margarita on the menu before I graduate! #BUbucketlist?

3. The waitstaff

Considering how often I go to Sunset Cantina, I think I’m considered some sort of a regular. I’m not gonna lie, the wait staff and I are pretty tight. The waiters really try to be friends with the customers, taking a seat, talking to their tables and asking what they are up to lately. I personally find it refreshing to see waiters that are so personable despite how rude some people can be these days. For instance, the waiter Shawn always recognizes when my friends and I come in and always makes sure we have a good time.

4. It’s that college bar

Sunset Cantina is that college bar that I am going to remember years from now where I was able to go in the middle of the day after a hard day of classes and just sip on margaritas with my girlfriends until the classes no longer mattered. It’s the place everybody wants to have their first legal drink, it’s the place you bring your parents for parents weekend and it’s the place you opt for when the dining hall has become overrated, cooking for yourself isn’t an option and you’re hungry. I think going to Sunset is part of being a BU student.

5. It brings us all together

When my friends and I go to Sunset, it’s like Sunday night family dinner on the Jersey Shore. It brings us all together, and we love it. Ordering nachos (or two) for the table is something we can all agree on, although sometimes it is embarrassing how quickly we can finish them. It’s our time to catch up on what is going on in each other’s lives in a common place almost every week, and it always leads to a post-game snuggle party at my apartment because we’re so full we can’t move.