By Olivia DeFrances, Staff Writer

What could light up your day more than seeing an adorable baby? Well, I’ll tell ya: seeing an adorable baby eating a lemon. That’s right. In case you haven’t seen it already, currently trending on YouTube are videos of babies tasting their first lemon. Why would you ever give your poor baby a lemon? The things we do for the Internet…

Surprisingly, not all of the babies seem disgusted. Some of them laugh and smile when they eat the lemon and even go for more! Some of them grab for it and eat it out of curiosity, so you can’t say that the parents (or whoever made the video) are forcing them to eat the lemon. Still, my favorite are the babies who use vibrant facial expressions that clearly say,

“Mom, dad, DAFAQ are you thinking?”

Regardless of whether or not babies should be eating lemons, you can’t deny that here’s a laugh when you need one.



When life gives you lemons, become viral on the Internet so we can provide the Boston University community with something to chill the heck out to every Thursday.