By Belén Cusi, Staff Writer

Belen CusiThe basics: Belén, senior, journalism major, Argentine girl from Texas with an identity crisis, likes playing moody piano music, listening to raspy Spanish folk singers, gypsy jazz, top 40 (huh?) and drinking red wine.

Now, we don’t know each other yet, but let’s get real. Sh*t happens. All the time. And let me tell you, I’m so glad it does. Not a week goes by when something, or many somethings, don’t go the way I want them to. Ahat I’ve realized is that in every one of those situations, there’s a lesson to be learned or at least, something to later laugh about. Trust me, here’s someone who found something positive in being bit by a vicious husky. And breaking a hot guy’s granite-top sink in half. Don’t ask.

But seriously, big or small, anything can serve as a lesson. This way, we simply avoid being upset over things we can’t change. Happy or sad, angry or indifferent, life goes on in complete disregard of our mood, so we might as well figure out a way to enjoy ourselves as it tramples over us.

That’s what I’ll be reporting back to you every week with my column, “Everyday Philosophies”: one random, annoying, beautiful, weird, scary, trifling or monumental thing that happened to me, or that I observed, and what I took away from it. Why should you care? Because in case you didn’t already know, everything that happens to you, whether big or small, can have a positive meaning IF you choose to assign it one. And yes, that includes the shi*t.