By Heather Goldin

Let’s do the time warp again! Oh, you don’t know how to do “The Time Warp”? You must be a “Rocky” virgin!

“Rocky” virgin (n): Someone who has never heard of and/or seen the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in a theater with a live cast. 

Rocky HorrorIf you fit this description, you are really missing out! Going to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is not just a Boston University bucket list item. The picture show has been shown in theaters across the country since 1975, and Boston’s Full Body Cast is no exception. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is a simultaneous double feature, so as the movie plays, the cast acts it out simultaneously. For the same price as a movie ticket, why wouldn’t you see two shows at once? You can find this crazy cast every Saturday night at the AMC Boston Common, where it recently moved to after ending its stint at AMC Loews Harvard Square 5.

It’s easy to take the T to the theater, but getting home is a different story. The show will end around 2 a.m., but the T stops running around 1 a.m. Make sure you plan to take a cab home! Or you can walk the three miles back to campus, but that’s a good enough reason to bring friends.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is easily one of the most famous cult classics, known for lots of audience participation, props and over-the-top costumes. Not to be mistaken for an actual horror movie, the picture show is a science fiction musical. More than anything, the picture show is a comedy. “Rocky” virgins don’t have to know the lines, but part of the fun is just listening to “The Rocky Horror” crew shout out obscene responses as the movie plot unravels. Judging by the lines that the members call out, you would not be surprised if they knew the entire movie by heart. In my opinion, the lines make up the show. I think I was laughing out loud 90 percent of the time, and the other 10 percent I was trying to catch my breath.

As far as props go, you can purchase a “bag of shit” for just a dollar at the entrance of the show. Each prop is used during relevant scenes in the movie, from a bag of rice to toss at some newly weds, to a party hat that everyone puts on during a group dinner. Confused? Don’t worry because it’s easy to know when each prop is used because everyone around you is participating as well. Speaking of those around you, make sure you bring friends because you will probably be singing the catchy songs together long after you get back from an excursion to “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Keep in mind that while some props are the same at every theater, all theaters have specific guidelines on what is and isn’t allowed. Make sure you check out the Full Body Cast site before planning a visit.

Rocky HorrorThe show always starts at midnight, but that doesn’t mean the movie starts rolling right away. Before the movie, the cast members start the show with some hilarious entertainment, usually consisting of skits that are complete with unique costumes, music and lighting. “The Rocky Horror” members at the AMC Boston Common theater go all out, and that is due to their amazing cast and crew. They have specialists for costumes, props, lights and security. Everyone at “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is in character, and nobody takes the job lightly.

And of course, what would be the point of “Rocky” virgins if their virginity wasn’t taken at the show? Before the start of the movie, the cast usually asks who the virgins are in the audience. Most of the time this could be up to half of the audience members, so usually just a handful of virgins are selected to come up to the front of the theater. The de-flowering process of “Rocky” virgins also changes from theater to theater. The deflowering process ranges from having to dance in front of the crowd to having a huge red “V” drawn on your forehead. You don’t have to admit you’re a virgin, but after watching other virgins lose it, you might wish you took part in the fun.

Whether you are in the spotlight or not, by the end of the night you will be considered experienced in viewing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” You will know what all the fuss is about, with no regrets to going. The best part of “The Rocky Horror” tradition is that once you’ve had your fun, you will want to go back with your virgin friends to show them what they have been missing.