By Jasmine Ferrell, Staff Writer

All the world’s a stage. The often over-used quote (which I realize I just used) proves to be more and more true with technology.  The world has turned into an ever-rotating stage with cameras pointed in all directions. “Boston T People,” a Facebook page where people post pictures of interesting T riders, is clear evidence.

Boston T People

It’s like “People of Walmart,” only it’s so localized that maybe even you could recognize a person. Embarrassing? Cruel? Some people think so. After scrolling through comments on a recent Metro article, the people against the “Boston T People” page seem to have the majority, expressing their similar views that all in all, this page is pretty shitty. “S***ty doesn’t begin to cover it,” a commenter said.  But not everyone feels the same. A quick visit to the page reveals more than 5,000 likes since it was created Sept. 20.

The creator emphasized that this isn’t illegal in anyway, and she said she even discussed it with an MBTA spokesman for approval, saying she refused to post pictures of the mentally or physically handicapped.

Boston T PeopleIt’s important to keep in mind the bitter truth that we humans might not like to admit: We judge people. Shocking, I know. “Boston T People” visualizes what the large majority of people would think is strange or weird. We question somebody carrying around a blow-up doll. Why carry that around if you want to be noticed?

One man who agreed to be photographed was Davide with his wife Clara, the mannequin. I’d say he enjoys the attention. Other photos are of people dressed outrageously or arguing at extreme volumes. They have to expect that they’ll be noticed. No one has a right to total privacy in public. And oftentimes the comments on the photos remain harmless and merely claim a man is an Albert Einstein look-a-like. Who could be offended by that?

When taking a gander at this page, realize it provides just what it offers. It’s not as much of an artistic perspective on life as is Humans of New York, but it’s not quite as distasteful as People of Walmart. It’s a humorous documentation of the variety of life in once city. Expect only that and you will be satisfied. In the end, it’s all just a joke. And if you show up on the site, at least be able to laugh at yourself.