By Sydney Moyer, Music Editor

Who Needs Who

Artist: Dark Dark Dark
Album: Who Needs Who
Label: Supply & Demand
Release: Oct. 2

The charm of Minneapolis-based quintet Dark Dark Dark lies in their subtle ability to slip several genres of music seamlessly into their haunting ballads and echoing choruses. Folk, jazz, Euro-folk and Americana all weave themselves throughout the band’s latest release, Who Needs Who, and allow the songs to transcend the slow pace and simple melodies and transform into magnificent tapestries of sound.


Instruments featured on Who Needs Who vary from banjo to accordion to clarinet, all grounded in heartbreaking piano and guitar riffs. Lead singer Nona Marie Invie has a wistfully soulful voice balefully belting out standout tracks like the gorgeous “Patsy Cline.”

If there’s one show to skip your night class for this week, it’s the Dark Dark Dark show with Emily Wells at Great Scott on Tuesday. The band’s vocal strength and vast instrumental lineup along with Emily Wells’ propensity to cover Notorious B.I.G. songs with a violin are sure to guarantee a good time.

Standout Tracks on Who Needs Who:

“Patsy Cline”
“How It Went Down”
“Meet In The Dark”
“The Great Mistake”

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