By Brandon Kesselly, Staff Writer

Charmingly GhettoI had the chance to interview Boston rapper Charmingly Ghetto, one of the movers and shakers of Boston’s hip hop scene. As a 25-year-old graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst, CG recently linked up with UK-based producer Cypria for his latest release, Scotland Yahd. Here’s what he had to say.

Brandon Kesselly: What was your inspiration for the EP?

Charmingly Ghetto: My inspiration for the EP was wishing to continue to further the relationship and respect I had for Cypria, who very early on was a huge advocate for my music and pushed me to keep releasing material and stay focused on the progression of what I continued to create. I also wanted to keep on working with international producers to keep with the theme that Study Abroad had helped push forth which was my new-found love and appreciation for art worldwide and recognizing the unilateral respect for hip hop in every corner of the world. People kept informing me that they enjoyed hearing this style of music and listening to the struggle, visions and vividness that I shared, so that inspired me to share more.

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BK: How did you connect with Cypria?

CG: I met Cypria through the power of the Internet and through that connection we were just able to develop a better working relationship that blossomed into some real timeless music. This was just a great opportunity for two artists to connect to develop a great project and in the future we hope to create more.

BK: What other projects do you have planned in the near future?

CG: I have a number of projects that are in development. Right now I would continue to say keep your eyes and ears open for this Scotland Yahd project that we have in store and check out the video for “No Light.” This is my heart and soul, and Cypria and I would greatly appreciate people still knocking this.


I have a project that’s dropping with the homies from in collaboration with Heyday Footwear called “Kicks n Stares.” I am very excited for this project as it is the first that I have done that is sponsored by a clothing brand company, so it just shows me that people are supporting my message and that it is in line with the people at large.

BK: Which was your favorite song on the EP and why?
CG: My favorite song on the EP would have to be “Nat Turner.” I’m really speaking to the race relations in our country from the first point of view of someone who was enslaved in our country, and it is really interesting how the current view and experience of blacks in the U.S.A. is very similar to what would have been going on in the mind of a slave at the time. At least I think so.

Charmingly Ghetto plays Friday, Oct. 5 at BU Central as part of his Good Vibes Tour. Free admission for any BU student plus two guests.