By Maya Devereaux,  Staff Writer

At this time last year, the site of 100 Bay State Road was nothing but a lifeless construction site. Now, a little over one month since its highly anticipated opening, Boston University’s Marciano Commons is in full swing and services bustling students and faculty alike. The gleaming complex boasts six floors, four of which are dedicated to centers for student services, a spanking new dining hall that seats nearly 1,000 people and two retail cafes.

The two-floor dining hall makes a good attempt at unifying campus with its open layout, but the overall location of the complex at the edge of East Campus makes it a longer trek for those coming from West campus. Right now, the weather is quite tolerable, making for an effortless walk to Marciano. But as we head into October, the weather is going to be less forgiving, probably causing many students to choose a closer, more convenient dining option.

Still, many students said they prefer the new dining hall over more convenient dining options.

“I think it’s the best out of all the dining halls on campus,” said College of Arts and Sciences freshman Alexis Tiutan.  “They always have pasta every day unlike Warren, and my roommate finds that there are more vegan options for her there.”

CAS freshman Ji-Hong Min, also a Warren Towers resident, said he chooses Marciano Commons to dine at over Warren.

“The food is better, there is more variety, less lines and better lighting,” he said.

However, having talked with various other students, I’ve unsurprisingly come to find that the opinions of freshmen are quite different from that of returning students. Freshmen, who are quite new to campus, have not had the chance to compare Marciano Commons to some of the older or now defunct dining halls.

“The new dining hall does have more choices, but is not that different or of superior quality to the others,” said School of Education junior junior Jessica McBride.

McBride said the new dining hall unifies the otherwise separated East Campus dorms.

“. . . It requires everyone there to come together from dorms like Shelton, Myles or Towers whereas students use to be able to dine at their respective dining halls.”

Whether or not the new Marciano Commons dining hall is superior to the preciously separate dining halls, students continue to flock there.