By Heather Goldin, Staff Writer

College is an exciting place, and besides the intriguing academics at Boston University to keep us occupied, college students usually find themselves searching for what to do on the weekend. For the 21 and over students, the weekend usually entails a drinking excursion of sorts. But for those of us who have not yet reached this age of elation, it hard to imagine that the city of Boston has other options. When most of the city is in fact college students, and a fair amount of students are underage, you should not be surprised to discover the number of possibilities for the underage college student.


Yes, I know exactly what you are thinking. Haven’t I already read about the most popular weekend excursions that Boston has to offer? It’s true that the most popular 18 and over clubs are just a Google search away. By now you must have heard of Club Rise, one of the most popular clubs on the weekends. Club Rise, named for the uplifting music and upbeat club-goers, features late night fun all weekend long (for a $20 entry fee). Another frequently talked about club is Machine, 18 and over on Friday nights. The club is known for being Boston’s only all gay club, and with a $15 cover charge this is a fun way to spend your Friday night with friends.


Why limit your night to the clubs? Sometimes a forgotten right of passage for the 18 and over crowd is the hookah bar, one kind of bar that you don’t have to be 21 for. The Nile Lounge is close by in Allston, and they claim to be one of the best Hookah bars in Boston. Open from three in the afternoon to two in the morning Thursday through Saturday, this is a great way to wind down from a busy week.

Concert venues:

Tired of missing music performances because they are playing in 21 and over bars only? Check out some bigger venues accessible to all ages. House of Blues Boston, Hatch Memorial Shell and the Paradise Rock Club are just a few of the biggest venues to go to, and they all feature both local and big name bands. Prices vary depending on the show.

Coolidge Corner: @fter Midnite

Are late night movies your kind of Friday night? The Coolidge Corner Theater offers midnight showings on select Friday and Saturday nights, running with the theme of thrill and weird, among other things. Major bonus points here because for the few freshmen that are still 17, and are still experiencing the recently allowed joy of R-rated movies. And fun fact, you can purchase tickets in advance online to reserve a seat. You can check out the show times for @fter Midnite here.

Hopefully you can use this introductory list to solve your weekend planning issues, at least until you actually turn 21. Still looking to feed your weekend cravings? Check out this great website I discovered called “The Knurd.” This site is full of great things to do “without the hangover” as their site proudly proclaims.