By Marie Goldstein, Staff Writer

One of the best things about Boston is the nature that is nestled within the city. As Boston University students, we should all get out there and take advantage of these secret grassy getaways.

BU Beach:

This is BU favorite, and the most well known nature spot on campus. Whether students are looking for a place to do some homework, hang out with friends, or throw a Frisbee, this is the place to go. Whenever the weather permits, it is common to see girls in bikinis laying on the incline, while listening to the cars driving by and the “waves” of the Charles River. Students frequently catch a glimpse of fraternity men painting the Greek rock. Placed along beautiful Bay State Road, I would say this is definitely a place to make memories during your years at BU.

The COM Lawn:

Another popular destination on a sunny day is the grassy lawn in front of the College of Communication. With the sound of the fountain and the soft spray hitting your face with every gust of wind, this feels like paradise when students are trying to get work done or just hang out in between classes. Bring a towel to lay on the grass or snag a seat on one of the many stone benches around the fountain and walkway.

West Campus:

West campus is definitely greener than most parts of the BU campus. The patches of grass serve as great places to lay out in a bikini, watch the soccer and lacrosse games or to get some studying done. However, because of all the people who live in Rich, Sleeper and Claflin Halls, as well as in StuVi1 and StuVi2, you better get there early on nice sunny days before it gets packed.

Amory Park:

This park is hidden within South campus and Brookline. This park is a favorite for Brookline families and students that live in the area. The rolling green grass and Hall’s Pond make it hard to believe it’s still in Boston. This is the perfect place to walk a dog or have a picnic with friends on the weekends.

Charles River Esplanade: 

Although most commonly used for its running trails, the Esplanade is one of Boston’s prime nature locations because of the location next to the beautiful Charles River.  Watch the sailboats go by from the grass, while chatting with a friend on a bench or on the docks that line the riverbanks.