By Chloe Cameron, MUSE Staff Writer

Legend has it that frozen yogurt was first introduced to New England in the 1970s by H.P. Hood, and was first  called  “Frogurt.” Since then, with chains such as Pinkberry, TCBY and Red Mango, the ice cream franchise is slowly but surely developing a steadfast competitor for frozen treats.

BerryLine is a hotspot for Boston frozen yogurt fanatics.

Many Boston streets are lined with local frozen yogurt shops booming with business. Boston University welcomed its very own Pinkberry this fall, and Newbury Street alone is home to nearly half a dozen shops. One in particular is BerryLine, a local establishment that offers both yogurt and coffee.

BerryLine offers Bostonians fresh frozen yogurt and dozens of toppings. The shop has five different flavors to choose from: original, strawberry, basil, banana graham and a flavor of the day. Depending upon the location of the shop however, the flavors vary. Toppings include, but are not limited to, fresh fruit, nuts and a variety of candy bars.

BerryLine does not only specialize in yogurt; they also provide a full espresso bar and serve freshly baked goods daily. Though their many specialties are enticing, when you are one of half a dozen yogurt shops on a single street it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the others.

Manager Amanda Albion said that the most popular flavors for the local frozen yogurt establishment are original, Nutella, when available, and banana graham.

“We’re actually one of the only local frozen yogurt shops in Boston, as well as the first one in Boston being in Cambridge which opened in 2007,” Albion said. “We’re completely local, everyone that works here lives in the area, we also make all of our products ourselves. Just being a local business is really important to us.”