By Marie Goldstein, Staff Writer

We all know how easy it is just to grab a slice of pizza in the dining hall. Trust me, when you go home for winter break and you can’t fit into your favorite holiday sweater, you’re going to wish you waited in line for that Sargent Choice option. Lucky for us, we’re at a university that has plenty healthy options! Here are your top five healthy food dining options on campus:

Loose Leafs:

Located both in the GSU and Buick Street Café, this is a popular destination on campus. This is not your typical boring salad; every trip to Loose Leafs is a surprise and you will rarely have a duplicate salad. Fresh toppings ensure your salad is unique to your pallet!

Sargent Choice Options:

Sargent Choice dining options are located in every dining hall on campus along with Buick Street Café and the GSU. Our fellow students in the Sargent nutrition program create these options and they have exceeded our expectations! Who knew that eating pizza, soups, salads and even deserts could be healthy? Most Sargent Choice options are made with whole grains, extra fruits and veggies, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins and heart-healthy oils. This is a great way to eat healthy if you have a meal plan!


Pinkberry mania has taken over campus now, because who doesn’t love frozen yogurt in-between classes? Finally, a healthy option to alternate with the ice cream at Rhetts across the way. At Pinkberry, a small frozen yogurt is about 100 calories toped with fresh fruit. This is the perfect dessert alternative and definitely delicious!

Charles River Bread Company:

Located in the GSU, the Charles River Bread Company has a variety of healthy choices in their “build your own sandwich” option. As long as you are conscious of what you are eating, this is a great place to get an quick bite to eat. They have a wide selection of wheat and multigrain breads, wraps, and more to choose from as an alternative to white products. The CRBC also has a half salad, half sandwich option.

Healthy Blends:

Located in our beautiful Fitness Recreational Center, Healthy Blends is the perfect ending to a workout. With several smoothies to pick from and make-you-own fruit and yogurt parfaits, going to Healthy Blends will start your day off right. After an extensive workout, it is important to keep your body hydrated and energized. This conveniently located and healthy option is here to make sure you don’t cheat yourself in your workout.