By Karolyne Ridgill, Staff Writer

So, what’s your personal style? Edgy? Simple? Vintage? Jeans and a t-shirt? The definition of fashion and style has morphed and become as broad and personal as possible. And with college comes a world of virtually no dress code, like you might’ve had in high school. There are no rules, no limits! Ahem. Well, not so fast. Here are a few fashion fads that have run their course. They came, and we saw on every campus and now. Now they’ve got to be conquered.

Extreme accessorizing:

Without a doubt, a few accessories can really spice up even the plainest of outfits. Yes to earrings, hairbands, necklaces, bracelets, belts, rings and shoes that are important staples to creating that perfect outfit, but please don’t wear them all at once! Accessorizing doesn’t mean pairing your chandelier earrings with a chunky necklace and 10 bangles on each arm, a neon headscarf and some sparkly four-inch pumps. If your outfit is assailing the eyes and ears of the public, you’ve got on too much. Remember, you want to look put together and not like a Claire’s store exploded on you.

Hipster glasses without lenses:

As a person who’s been afflicted with severe astigmatism most of my life, I’ve always viewed glasses as more of a resented lifesaver than a fashion piece. I mean, is “four eyes” no longer a thing? Regardless, the rising popularity of oversized glasses has forced those blessed with 20/20 vision to get more creative in order to look ocularly disabled. Non-prescription glasses?If you must, but please make sure they have lenses. Punching out the lenses from the RealD Cinema glasses you stole from “The Avengers” makes you look ridiculous, not smarter—definitely not  the ironic look you wanted.

Pajamas to class:

They’re warm, soft and downright comfy. Nothing compares to lounging about in your pajamas all day. However, when there are things to be accomplished in the world like, for example, going to class, being outfitted in pajamas gives off the wrong image. Instead of the laid back and comfortable look you were maybe hoping for, your cotton Tinker Bell pants in lecture are telling us you’re sloppy and lazy. People may question if you even brushed your teeth that morning! Even if your brain is still fast asleep and your body is on autopilot, it doesn’t take more than two seconds to pull on some jeans and a hoodie.

Just … Ugg: 

I’ve saved the worst for last. Uggs are never appropriate. Whether they be worn with sweatpants, jeans, shorts or, the absolute worst, a North Face jacket, Uggs really have no use except as overpriced house slippers. They look like soggy, dirty potatoes in the winter and like lost arctic animals in the summer. Sure, when you drag yourself bleary-eyed to class you want comfort, but there are thousands of actual shoes out there that are comfortable and have arch supports! Uggs: bad for your outfit and your health.