By Ben Brondsky, Staff Writer

Whenever I go to a concert I’m always unsure if I’ll like the band live. People may call that neurotic or overanalyzing, but let’s be frank, some bands suck live (looking at you, Fall Out Boy). Sometimes it’s because the band uses too many loops or instruments or the band just isn’t in sync. Thankfully this past Friday, I didn’t have to worry.

Hailing all the way from London, the band Bloc Party rocked the House of Blues. Coming out to a sold out crowd, Kele Okereke (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Russel Lissack (lead guitar), Gordon Moakes (bass guitar) and Matt Tong (drums) seemed pumped to be in Boston. Okereke enjoyed saying the word “Boston” in his heavy English accent and getting the crowded riled up.

Bloc Party started the concert off with their new song “So He Begins to Lie” off their new album Four. Throughout the concert they interspersed songs from their new album with their three older albums. Bloc Party seemed pretty good at sensing when the crowd wanted a song that everyone would know, like “Hunting For Witches” off of A Weekend in the City.

Bloc Party also incorporated synthesizers and loops during their show. Lissack kept his sound close to the recordings by using multiple guitars and nailed all of his solos.

The band played around an hour and a half total and saved their most popular song, “Helicopter”, for their encore. Two of my personal favorite moments of the evening were “One More Chance,” a non-album single in between Intimacy and Four. Tiesto remixed “One More Chance”, and Bloc Party definitely performed it more like the Tiesto’s version than their original version. Before performing their song “Flux”, Bloc Party led into it with “We Found Love” by Rihanna. Both songs seemed to have similar chords so it worked and the crowd loved it.

The mosh pit seemed to enjoy the concert; they clapped along, crowd-surfed and jumped throughout the concert. Before the concert, I had been worried if the seven-year-old band was “danceable,” but the four of them definitely know how to put on a show.