My lobster night meal from Fall 2011. Yes, I photgraphed the lobster.  FRANKIE BARBATO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

By Frankie Barbato, Blog Editor

Boston University is known for its excellent selection of dining. Compared to other colleges, BU’s student body can’t really complain when it comes to what to eat for dinner. However, the glory that is our dining halls is summed up the best by the epicness that is lobster night. Yes, that’s right, each September, BU students can enjoy lobster right in the dining halls. Gosh, we’re so spoiled.

Wait! I think I’m acting too calm about the wonder that is this night. The lines curl around the door, the lobster (and subsequent corn on the cob and potatoes) fill the dining hall with an aroma of wonderfulness. Each diner gets a bib to wear. I always wear the bib because when else is it socially acceptable to wear a bib?

Tonight will be my third lobster night. I’m a seasoned lobster night veteran. There’s a strategy behind the night, and although you might think I sound crazy, follow my guidelines and you will have a great lobster night experience.

Time correctly:

Arrive early. By early, I mean senior citizen early. I suggest between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Then cut the whole line. Just be discrete and say, “oh hey! I kind of know you. Let me just squeeze right past.” Done. You are now in lobster world while the rest of the line is sad because they wish they were you.

Never stop eating:

The powerful dining hall people will make you think you can only eat one lobster. Don’t listen to them. Last year I had two lobsters, because I strategized beforehand. Do you have any vegetarian friends who will accompany you to the dining hall, but eat a bowl of cereal instead? Take their lobster ticket. Then walk aimlessly around the dining hall pretending like you lost yours, and someone nice will offer you theirs, too. Boom. Three lobsters for you.

Be messy:

Wear the bib, and attempt to stay clean, but you will come out of their a mess anyway. Embrace it. Plan ahead by not wearing your best clothes, or by not eating dinner with people you want to look good around. Also, take advantage of the moist toilettes.

Photograph the event:

Last year BU Dining Services ( @BUDiningService) asked students to tweet pictures of their lobster night. From your food to your friends eating their food, they like it all photographed.  It’s secretly my goal to get my picture retweeted. Oh, the simple things.

Now that you’re prepared, happy eating.