In honor of the Fall 2012 Staff Application going live (find it HERE), we combined our mind grapes to further persuade those perspective writers out there to join the best damn news team at 648 Beacon St.

-Rolls. Given our convenient location practically next to Bertucci’s, we editors are casually nursing a somewhat serious addiction to Bertucci’s rolls, and we may or may not be promising to bring them to the new writers workshop …

-Look popular. Not only will your phone blow up with text messages from our faithful associates to assign you stories, you’ll also be meeting and interviewing important people. You can also use these interviews as excuses to get out of things you don’t want to do. “sorryyyyy guys, I can’t go to that Nickleback concert, I’m on deadline. Next time!!!”

-Work. Then you can resist your parents’ nagging for you to get job by telling them you already have one! Don’t worry about getting a job as a hostess, you work in the newsroom now. And may or may not be paid in rolls.

-J-profs are obsessed with you. Real talk, this isn’t a drill. No joke. It exists. For realzies. Yeah.

-Chris Lisinski/the ladies of e-board. Enough said.

We hope you like what you see, because in’t no party like a FreeP party because a FreeP party is mandatory.

FreeP and blessings, E-board Fall 2012