Welcome to the inaugural post of The Daily Free Press editors’ blog. We come in peace. This is a way for you to get to know the folks behind the keyboards and computer screens. We’re the virtual red pen-wielders, and let’s face it, we want the world to know what we’re doing, and why.

We like to think we’re interesting people, and this blog will be our outlet of sorts.

This won’t be all fun and games (though there will be some of that). We’ll use this site to explain difficult editorial situations and insight into our inner workings, along with lots of posts about what we do in the office while waiting for the pinwheel of death to stop spinning on the office’s Mac.

Spoiler alert: lots and lots of Bertucci’s rolls and Nigel Thornberry YouTube videos.

The editors’ blog is our means of communication with you, the readers, so you get a feel for our quirks and, ultimately, who we are as an e-board. You’ll even occasionally see posts from our lil’ associates.

So, world, it’s nice to meet you.

FreeP and blessings,
The Daily Free Press E-board, Fall 2012