By Katie Doyle, MUSE Food Editor

Frozen yogurt fans will delight: instead of spending dollar after dollar at local fro-yo stores, including Kenmore Square’s Zinga and Allston’s Mixx, Boston  University students will now be able to squander all of their dining points at the new Pinkberry in the GSU.

Boston University Dining Services announced on July 16 that Pinkberry will replace Jamba Juice’s spot in the GSU. Jamba Juice is taking over Olecito’s ocation at the base of Warren Towers. Unlike Jamba Juice, Olecito will not be relocating, but will be vacating campus permanently.

When dining services revealed the news via Twitter last week, the Twittersphere erupted with many excited tweets about the addition of Pinkberry to the GSU. The responses were largely positive; only a few lamented the loss of Olecito.

Pinkberry’s warm welcome does not come as a surprise. Although Pinkberry can be pricey—a medium-sized yogurt with toppings can cost at least $5, depending on flavors and add-ons—and lines can be long, the chain is consistently popular among fro-yo aficionados.

Apparently, there’s a reason people keep coming back. Not only is frozen yogurt delicious, but it appeals to health conscious fans, too. Frozen yogurt is significantly lower in fat content than ice cream, offers a dose of calcium and protein, and also contains active live cultures that aid in digestion.

Pinkberry was founded in West Hollywood, California, in 2005. A testament to Pinkberry’s popularity, the company’s website even has a “Groupie” page where Pinkberry fans can connect and communicate.

The new storefront in the GSU will be Pinkberry’s fourth location in Boston.