By Isabell Fathy, MUSE Staff Writer

If you’ve ever taken a look at the U.K. charts, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Ed Sheeran. This breakthrough British artist recently had his debut single, “The A Team” come out as number three on U.K. charts in June. Since then, his success has only sky-rocketed with more chart-hitting singles like “You Need Me” and “Lego House.” His music video even features Harry Potter’s own Rupert Grint.  Currently, Ed Sheeran is touring the U.S. with Snow Patrol. Despite his exciting and busy life, he still found time to sit down with MUSE and answer some questions.

Isabell Fathy: How would you describe your music?

Ed Sheeran: Acoustic folk soul.

IF: What was it like being at the BRIT Awards 2012 and taking home the awards for British male solo artist and British breakthrough act?

ES: It was the highlight of the past year, great to have my friends and family around.

IF: Are there any big events or places at which you would love to perform? Or even some goal you’re still reaching for?

ES: My goal was to play Shepherds Bush Empire, but now I’ve done that. My new goal is Madison Square Garden.

IF: What was your, “this is it!” moment in your musical career?

ES: My collaborations EP going to number two in the UK charts on my own independent release.

IF: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

ES: Stevie Wonder, as I think he’s one of the greatest musicians and singers of all time.

 IF: What music do you listen to in your down time?

ES: A lot of hip-hop.

IS: Other than music, what kinds of things do you like doing or trying to pursue?

ES: I enjoy catching up on TV box sets and building [with] Legos.

IF: What’s the story behind the paw print? Or is it just there to stand out?

ES: It’s just a logo I liked and adopted, no real reasoning behind it.

IF: If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

ES: Fries!

IF: Let’s imagine you were stuck on a deserted island. You can only bring three things with you. What would you choose and why?

ES: Guitar to write tunes and entertain myself, Mila Kunis, for the company and my film collection/DVD player.