By Ross Owen, Muse Staff Writer

The Bowerbirds performed this weekend promoting brand new album, The Clearing. They have a unique sound that cannot simply be classified as folk; their diversity and creativity in instrumentation makes them impossible to label as just one genre.

The best web descriptions have them as a blend between freak folk and sunshine pop, but does anybody really know what those labels mean? Ultimately, the Bowerbirds layer a variety of instruments (cello, accordion, keyboard, synth, etc.) along a folk backdrop to create a unique and usually upbeat sound.

They opened the show by performing three new songs, rewarding the audience for waiting for a late start. Next, after a few false starts, lead singer Phil Moore shared “Crooked Lust” before Beth Tacular took the lead for a change and sang “In the Yard” and “Hush” off of The Clearing. “In the Yard,” one of night’s strongest songs, is about Phil and Beth’s two dogs.

For their final song the Bowerbirds played “Tuck the Darkness In,” which was the highlight of the show. Moore’s vocals work very well in this emotional song diving into coping with death. The band really got into this one, and put a lot of energy especially into the ending.

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