By Marie Goldstein, Features Staff Writer

Since 2010, Boston University has generated over a dozen hysterical and relatable Twitter accounts run by BU students. Student Twitter enthusiasts can agree that whether they are studying in Mugar or trolling the streets of Allston, the students behind these accounts seem to read their minds and tweet something to make everyone laugh. Specifically, accounts such as @HarvardHoochies, @BUgirlproblems and @BUSGproblems explain the woes of being a BU girl.


This Twitter account is run by a group of seven BU biddies who are commonly found in Harvard Square after dark. Most of their tweets are about excessive alcohol, parties and the bros belonging to Harvard University’s prestigious finals clubs. However the main goal is pretty simple: acquiring their MRS. degrees in hopes of one day becoming a housewife to a wealthy finals club bro. This group of girls started merely as a BBM group on their Blackberry phones, but has grown into a Boston-wide phenomenon and just recently built their own website.

College of Arts and Sciences Sophomore Ariel Carpenter said that in her opinion, this account does not give BU girls a good reputation.

“I follow Harvard Hoochies myself and I think it is hilarious, but I think it reflects poorly on the female population of BU,” she said.

If you are an aspiring housewife or wondering what a real life finals club party is like, follow @HarvardHoochies at the price of sacrificing your female dignity.


@BUgirlproblems knows the pains and gains of being a BU girl. This account has the ability to say most things that BU girls are thinking, such as tweets like, “Alcohol, heels, and slush do not make a good combo #bugirlproblems:” basically something that goes through every BU girls mind on any given Saturday night in the dead of winter. @BUgirlproblems not only focuses on partying, but also tweets about those gruesome hours in Mugar during midterm week: “Drug deals in Mugar….midterms are upon us. #bugirlproblems.”

College of General Studies Sophomore Coleen McCarthy says her favorite tweet is “BU definition of shorty a male under 5’7. Conveniently makes up 85 percent of the BU male population.”

“It’s funny because it’s true,” McCarthy said.


This Twitter account is not only for the sorority girls that make up 11 percent of the BU population. The tweeters behind @BUSGproblems said that they are trying to appeal to a larger audience.

“Every girl has a little “sorority” within them regardless of whether they are in one or not… I just help them realize it by posting stuff they wouldn’t admit otherwise,” they said.

Two friends manage this account and get inspiration from the ridiculous things that their friends say and the silly things they see walking down Commonwealth Avenue. Some students say that this account is too much like @BUgirlproblems, but the @BUSGproblems creators said that they laugh off these critics, “because as long as those girls continue acting naïve, they have something to write about.”

Although these Twitter accounts seem to be geared toward girls, male students can also rely on Twitter accounts to relate to their fake problems, including @BUbroproblems, @BUbitchin and @PrepBroProblems.