By Saba Hamedy, Daily Free Press Editor-in-Chief Fall ‘11

A lot of my peers ended up going to Italy and Spain for spring break, but something made me and two of my friends want to try somewhere different. Somewhere historic. Somewhere unique.

Somewhere like Berlin and Prague.

While it was colder than perhaps the 60-something degree weather in Southern Europe, our travels led us to places we probably would never have ventured to before, more “off-the-map” I suppose. From standing on top of Hitler’s bunker (now a parking lot) to seeing the beautiful splashes of graffiti all over the Berlin Wall, Berlin was quite an experience.

Of course, Prague, once named “Bohemia,” had its fare share of sites to see as well. Home to the Prague Castle (which looks like a cross between Hogwarts and a Disney castle) and famous author Franz Kafka, the city took my breath away. It was so beautiful, in fact, that the cold became bearable and walks along the river were worth the chills. But alas, all trips must come to an end and I have returned once again to home sweet London.