By Joey Martelli, Muse Staff Writer

Complete with explosive chase scenes, restaurant brawls and espionage humor, This Means War is definitely a romantic comedy you will not want to pass up. On the other hand, it is not necessarily one you will want to take too seriously.

If you are looking for something with a whole lot of substance, perhaps you and your date look elsewhere. However, if you are looking to snuggle under this date’s arm for roughly an hour and a half, then you will have made the right choice.

Although a little pick-me-up in the humor department may have been ideal in the overall dialogue of the film, it still pulls through in the end if only due to the fact that late night sensation Chelsea Handler sprinkles bits of her own raw yet much needed humor into otherwise humdrum scenes.

Guys, fear not. Despite being a total chick-flick, there is certainly enough action in the film to carry you through to the credits. The film caters to a wide audience, opening up with an assignment gone bad resulting in an intense shootout involving both Tom Hardy and Chris Pine, playing undercover agents.

And don’t worry fellas, if guns and breaking glass isn’t your thing, there is an adorable scene in which Reese Witherspoon’s character playfully dances around the kitchen.

Post-credits, I would have to say that the visuals and occasional pick-up in humor are what makes this film worth the money. At the very least, it is a pretty good excuse to load up on popcorn and cuddle with someone near and dear to you this Valentine’s Day season.