By Lauren Dezenski, Features Associate Editor–Blog

While Steph may or may not have actually wanted to participate in this post (for some reason the editorial board is now fearing these Awkward posts…) she’s being a good sport, so we’ll try not to embarrass her too much. Well, some of the embarrassment is inherent, given the natural awkwardness we all exuded back in the day.

But now, Steph Solis is cool as a cucumber, dealing with the job responsibilities that come with editing the news coming from Boston’s biggest university, and even agreeing to do this!

Steph then

What made you so awkward: I think it is still inherent. I always hung out with nerdy people and they were quirky and I was quirkier so I was beating them at their own game. I also had a retainer at that time, and I think I stopped wearing it, but sometimes I would have to wear it for a day—okay too much information.

Describe your awkward persona in three words: fearless, nerdy & erratic.

What was your favorite pose for photos? I would either stick my tongue out a lot or do peace signs. I started doing that after I went to Japan. Either or but not simultaneously.

Favorite social media site for sharing pictures? Facebook. Myspace when I had one.

What’s changed from your middle/early high school days? I’m not afraid to be bitchy, but I was even quieter then. And not much otherwise. I’m probably a bit nerdier, actually. But I’ve learned to embrace my awkwardness—I’ve accepted the awkward moments.

Steph now