By Julianna Flamio, Daily Free Press Staff Writer

Inside College recently ranked Boston University as the least fun loving college in its 19-school ranking, making BU the only Boston or Massachusetts-based school on the list. Other ranked private collages included were Syracuse University and the University of Miami. The University of Wisconsin-Madison was ranked as the number one college for the fun-loving students.

Jessica He, a College of General Studies freshman, said that “fun loving” at BU means having pride in the education offered to students and an overall satisfaction with a varied social life.

“A lot of my friends are in sororities and involved in Greek life, and they really enjoy that,” He said. “People who aren’t in that system can go around Boston and just hang out.”

Sarah Wright, a School of Management senior, said that there are a lot of opportunities on campus that makes BU fun and encourages a free spirit. She said that one of these opportunities is being a brand ambassador, who not only give away free products, but stimulate BU’s social life by hosting events.

Wright also had a little something to say about BU’s nightlife.

“I think we rage really hard,” she said.

Yet in five days’ time, BU went from a community of friendly and involved students to a bunch of Mugar recluses who awkwardly dodge acquaintances on Comm. Ave.

Huffington Post College reported the rating on Feb. 1, and five days later, reported another Inside College rating that included BU on Feb. 6. However, the latter rating was less flattering than fun loving. According to Inside College, BU is the 5th best college for the socially awkward.

Justin Jones, a CGS sophomore, also said that BU is full of open-minded individuals. Jones, an attendee at Dean Elmore’s Coffee and Conversation on Friday, said that those whom frequent the Howard Thurman Center are fun loving.

“I see the same people all the time especially being down here in the Howard Thurman Center. It’s like a family down here,” Jones said.

Sophomore at SMG Jonathan Garnick, took a more neutral stance on the two rankings. He said it is possible that BU students can be both fun loving and awkward.

“Well I think that it can make sense because we have so many students from all around the world. It’s such a diverse group of people,” Garnick said.

He attributed BU’s diversity to its urban location and population compared to colleges in the outskirts of Boston.

“Part of the reason is because we’re in the city. So it brings a lot of different groups of people together,” Garnick said. “It’s not like Babson where it’s 1,000 people in a suburban, hidden area.”