By Thea Di Giammerino, Daily Free Press Staff Writer

What do stock tickers, a water bubbler, and dark rooms have in common? They’re all things BU students said they would donate to the school if they had $100,000.

The question was inspired by Harvard Law School alum William Falik, who, according to, recently donated $100,000 to his Alma matter and asked that he receive a restroom in his name.

“It’s really funny to donate a bathroom,” said College of Engineering sophomore Yvonne Wei.  “I would donate money to a general fund – money is the most direct way to help a school.”

Wei said if she had to choose, she would donate money to expand the W. Bradford Ingalls Engineering Resource Center, engineers’ only 24-hour study area.

“We spend the entire night there sometimes,” she said, “and we need more room.”

College of Communication junior Tom Vellner and School of Management sophomore Nikita Virani also thought of their specific schools.

“I would donate to COM – make it look like less of a high school, update it a little,” Vellner said.

He also said he would bring dark rooms back to the building.

“I would love to see film put back in,” he said.

Virani voted for stock tickers, a suggestion she said was “super nerdy.”

“You know how in other schools they have a room with stock tickers on the walls?” she said.  “I would want my name on that.”

Virani also said if she had to pick something less serious, she would want to bring a Panera to the GSU.

“I just really love Panera and it would be funny to have my name next to a Panera sign,” she said.

The water bubbler, better known to some as water fountains, was from College of Arts and Sciences sophomore Emily Cardenas.

“They’re too high for me – I don’t know who they’re made for,” she said.  “We could use new ones.”

And then there were some students who said Falik had it right.

“It’s funny [to ask for a restroom], but it’s a good idea,” said ENG sophomore Audrey Lewis.  “CAS could use new bathrooms.”

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