By Amanda Dowd, Daily Free Press Staff Writer

The Vagina Dialogues, an event about sex and everything Vagina Monologues-related, took place Thursday night in BU Central with about 60 people present.

The open mic, which kicked the night off, featured College of Arts and Sciences senior Mike Bruffee talking about feminist Buddhism, College of Arts and Science senior Lea Petrovic enlightening the audience on sex myths versus facts and CAS junior Brandon Wood discussing conversation in sex, oral sex and orgasms.

“Penetration is the only way that sex is stimulating for a woman? Untrue,” Petrovic deadpanned to the audience, eliciting laughter. “The clitoris is an erotically sensitive organ which, much like the penis, has erectile tissue.”

Wood started off his piece with a quick poll on how many girls have been given an orgasm by a guy, to somewhat feeble cheering. “That’s sad, guys…Fellas in the back, it’s true that some girls have never orgasmed! And we can’t imagine that shit, it doesn’t make sense to us.” Later, he got some laughs with “Sex is kind of like a conversation between two – or more – people. I can dream!”

After the open mic, the remaining group spent the next two hours moving tables and discussing various sex-related questions with small groups.

At the end of the night, many who took part in the Dialogues said they were thrilled to have been involved.

“It’s empowering to be able to talk in front of such a large group of people so honestly and I think that’s something that’s clearly underrated,” said CAS student Grace Von Maluski, who will be performing as “The Moaner” in the Monologues later this month.

“Everyone loves to talk about these taboo issues, but it’s not always given a forum and if no one ever asks, you’ll never say anything,” said CAS senior Emma Rosenthal. “So it’s a great community to do that and that’s what tonight was about.”