By Lauren Dezenski, Associate Features Editor–Blog

This week’s installment of “awks pictures” features the sweetheart of the Sports corner, Meredith Perri. Usually surrounded by the boys staffing the Daily Free Press sports section (and Kevin, who often has things on his head), Meredith is no stranger to the world of awkwardness, especially when sports are involved.

Meredith, left, in her stunna shades, braces and Mets jersey

What made you so awkward? Could it have been, the glasses, the acne, the braces, or the general weirdness from middle school? Oh, don’t forget the Rec Specs. Those were glorious.

Describe your awkward persona in three words: Nerdy, clumsy, and athletically-minded.

What was your favorite pose for photos? I’d be hugging one of my family members with a really dorky smile on my face.

Favorite social media site for sharing pictures? I didn’t have a social media site until my junior year of high school, so for me the best way of sharing photos was when my mom would pull out albums.

What’s changed from your middle/early high school days? I’m still incredibly awkward but I like to think I don’t look quite as nerdy and ridiculous in my photos anymore. I embrace my awkwardness, though.

Meredith now, still rocking the Mets gear