By Lauren Dezenski, Features Associate Editor-Blog

Based off of last week’s incredible turnout by you, the readers, we here at the Daily Free Now have deemed the awks middle school pictures worthy of weekly posts. Because let’s face it, there’s more than enough awkward here at 648 Beacon Street to go around.

This week, the staff has been a bit shy about offering up their awkward pictures, so I’ve decided to take one for the team and offer myself as this week’s subject. Disclaimer: most of these pictures are actually from freshman year of high school. I was a late bloomer, awkwardness-wise, in that I didn’t really document my awkwardness until later than most. Whoops.

And now I’m going to interview myself.

Me, circa the summer of ninth grade on the way to the Harry Potter premiere. Dressed as a dinosaur. Yeah, I don’t remember why.

What made you so awkward: Xanga. Remember that? Plus a god-awful haircut and penchant for being weird.

Describe your awkward persona in three words: poser emo tragic

What was your favorite pose for photos? I enjoyed pushing my jaw back, making my double chin more pronounced, in addition to making any sort of weird face. This honestly hasn’t changed.

Favorite social media site for sharing pictures? Xanga. Hands down.

What’s changed from your middle/early high school days? My hair is longer, I’ve deleted my Xanga, and I’ve lost enough of my baby fat. But other than that, not much.

And now.

Clearly things haven’t changed. And no, my eyes haven’t disappeared, they’re just bottle caps.

Now that you’ve seen the current staff at the Daily Free Now, in the coming weeks you’ll get a peek at the Daily Free Press executive staffers. Get ready for some major awks.