By Divya Shankar, Science Tuesday Editor

If you enjoyed the science videos we posted last week, skip your hourly Facebook break for once and check out these awesome websites.  They range from mesmerizing simulations to cool mind games to ways you can bring science into your everyday life. Enjoy!

1.  Not Exactly Rocket Science blog

Forget boring science journals with serious articles that you can’t understand after the first line. Discover Magazine’s blog, Not Exactly Rocket Science brings us some of the weirdest, craziest and most hilarious stories circulating in the word of science today. Also check it out for links to tons of other blogs that every topic in the book—from technology to medicine to neuroscience.

2.  BioDigitalHuman

My younger brother was the one who originally showed me this website when I was desperately looking for a way to study for an anatomy exam. I quickly realized that my days of squinting at blurry images were long gone. Not only for anatomy students, this website can be fascinating for anyone who wants to see the inner workings of the human body. The 3-D images and cool graphics bring the body to life and answer all the questions you might ever have about it.

3. SciStarter 

Science might seem inaccessible thanks to its tedious levels of homework and tendency toward all things random and obscure. Well, think again— allows the citizen scientist to get involved in “science we can do together.” Check out the hundreds of projects that you can take part in anywhere—at the beach, in the snow, while fishing—you name it.

4.  Mind Lab

Mind Lab is an online psychological experiment that includes four sessions for anyone to take part in. The website says, “These phenomena and illusions will make users doubt their own eyes and lead them to explore the mysteries of their perception.” Spend some time on this website and learn some fascinating facts about how the brain works.