By Saba Hamedy, former DFP Editor in Chief Fall ’11


I can’t stop smiling. I’m always in a good mood. I sleep often. I eat what I want when I want it. Yep, you guessed it: I’m in love.

His name is London and he is the best city in the world. In the past week, I’ve gone to Hogwarts (well, Platform 9 3/4 – but yes, dreams really do come true), Fuller’s brewery (Yes, they let you taste every beer at the end), Westminster Abbey, Parliament and Greenwich Village.

When I’m exhausted, I come home to a great roommate, a flat of people from all over doing the BU program and a building that is regal and just by Hyde Park – sorry Warren Towers residents, no jail-cell esque rooms here. I have gone out every night, explored every weekend and gone to class or orientation every day.

While it’s only been a week and I am pretty exhausted, London never really sleeps so I’ve been trying to keep up.

Cheers and enjoy the photos!