By Divya Shankar

This week, we continue our Science Tuesday with more videos that show the fun and excitement of science! This week you’ll get to learn some more new tricks to impress your friends, watch how science can use everyday tools to make actual hearts and even journey to the extent of the universe.  Enjoy!

 “Amazing Fire Trick”


Is the water trick not working out?  Then easily try this one with a candle and some matches at home too (just don’t do it in BU dorm rooms)! Some commentators suggest letting the candle burn for a long period of time so the smoke in the air is thick enough to re-light—otherwise it might not work out so well.

Printing a Human heart


It’s really amazing what scientists are able to do these days! In this video, you can quickly see how scientists used an inkjet printer to print actual organs.  Even after watching this video repeatedly, I could not believe that it was for real, until I noticed that there is another eighteen-minute video explaining the whole process of printing organs.

“Cosmic Voyage”


If you have a bit of time, check out this video, which is actually an excerpt from an Imax movie called Cosmic Voyage.   Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the video makes you realize both how vast and amazing the universe is and how minute the particles that make it up are.