By Lauren Dezenski, Features Associate–Blog

Let’s face it, for most of us, middle school was the pinnacle of awkwardness—and the time we decided to catalog our lives with the help of a camera. Dressed to the nines in our Aeropostale, Limited Too, Gap and American Eagle gear, we’d pose for self-taken mirror pictures or goofy group shots taken in the walkways of the local mall. Then, we thought we were totally cool. Now, all these photos are untagged on Facebook, if they even made it through the initial upload.

In an effort for you, the reader, to get to know us, the staff of the Daily Free Now, a bit better, we’ll be supplying you with weekly installments of various staffers’ awks middle school pics. You know you love it.

Here for the inaugural post is Features Editor Kira Cole.

Kira, then and now

What made you so awkward? I was really determined to be alternative, so I had half of a face because my bangs. I rocked braces, thick-rimmed glasses and studded belts. So many things were happening at once. And I had a crazy jew fro, so I couldn’t have a cool haircut.

Describe your middle school persona in three words: Trying too hard.

What was your favorite pose for photos? Sticking out my tongue. Still. Always.

What social media site was your favorite for sharing your awks pics? Myspace. That’s easy.

What’s changed from your middle school days? I have a face, and I have cooler glasses. And now I’m actually alt… or so I like to think.