By Lucien Flores, Music Editor


Once largely overlooked, Wye Oak has been on the rise since the release of their 2011-release, Civilian. Wye Oak is solely comprised of two multi-tasking musicians—singer/guitarist Jenn Wasner and drummer/keyboardist Andy Stack—they bring a very complete sound to both studio and live sessions.  Seriously… these guys play a really captivating live show.

Delicate and embellished with loud spikes, Wye Oak harkens the ethereal-into-disoriented-guitar-solo feeling of bands such as Wilco, Girls, and My Morning Jacket, which makes it the perfect SOTW band.

If you’re up on your modern then you’ve probably heard the standout track, “Civilian,” which has been used for a commercial for The Walking Dead and was picked as Starbucks’ single of the week a few months back.  While the praise for that track is certainly justified, the album’s opener, “The Alter,” needs some more love.