By Michela Smith, Film/T.V Editor

While The Daily Free Press did predict many of the winners of the Golden Globes awarded last Sunday night, the erratic Hollywood Foreign Press and alcohol available to celebrities did result in a sprinkling of glittering moments.


1. Host Ricky Gervais

Back to host his third Golden Globes circus, the mischievous jester presented in true fu—k-all-Gervais form. While Gervais is still relatively new to the Hollywood neighborhood, those who have followed the comedian throughout the years know of his aptitude for sardonic snipes and celebrity satire.

Still, Gervais’ wit proved refreshingly biting. Steamrolling off the energy gained from first puncturing the inflated celebrity pride in the room, Gervais attacked the filth of Kim Kardashian and disintegrating career of Eddie Murphy. His best joke, however, came in blitzing Jodie Foster’s barely-seen indie The Beaver, capitalizing off of the entendre inherent in such a film title. To see hear of his incessant whiplash, check out his whole opener.

2. Jean Dujardin’s Acceptance Speech

After winning the predicted “Best Actor for a Musical or Comedy” statuette for his endearing performance in The Artist, French actor Jean Dujardin turned on the charm once again at the podium. Recounting that he was once told he couldn’t be a movie star because his “face was too expressive,” Dujardin suggestively wiggled his malleable eyebrows for the 17 million viewers to prove otherwise. And with a delightful tribute to his Artist inspiration Douglas Fairbanks, Dujardin was off, surely to answer what must be innumerable film offers.

P.S: Another highlight came in Jean Dujardin’s return to the stage for The Artist’s deserved win of “Best Picture: Musical or Comedy.” Dujardin was accompanied, along with the rest of the cast, by his adorable costar Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier.  There is currently a swarm of Internet support to gain an Oscar Nomination for Uggie and so it was delightful to see him both included and entranced by the dog treats that were clearly in Dujardin’s pocket.


1. The Absence of Ricky Gervais

Except for in his opening monologue, flashes of Ricky Gervais’ crooked grin were relatively unseen throughout the performance. It’s sad to see such talent wasted so frivolously.

2. The Absence of Woody Allen

While Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris garnered four Golden Globe nominations including a “Best Director” and “Best Original Screenplay,” Allen, predictably, did not show up for the Awards. It would’ve been nice to the lovely ball of neuroses take his prize for his triumphant return to the gilded halls of filmmaking perfection.


1. Michelle Williams Wins “Best Actress – Musical or Comedy” for My Week with Marilyn.

The Daily Free Press’ interview with My Week with Marilyn Director Simon Curtis revealed that actress Michelle Williams encapsulated her role as Marilyn Monroe by utilizing Stanislavki-influenced techniques, such as hiring dialect and dance coaches and using Monroe’s old studios. Yet, Williams, in many critics’ opinions, did not deserve the statuette, especially in comparison to Meyrl Streep’s performance in The Iron Lady. An odd choice on the behalf of the Hollywood Foreign Press that could have simply been a nod to its beloved Norma Jean.

2. Martin Scorsese Wins “Best Director” for Hugo

Arriving late in 2011, Hugo and its director Martin Scorsese garnered much praise for the magical mystery tour it took young audiences on through 1930s Paris. Yet, the Hollywood Foreign Press doesn’t often award such prestigious honors to children’s films. Quite a surprise.

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