By Divya Shankar, Science Tuesday editor

“I’m not a science person.”

How many times have you heard those five words being thrown around?  Well, not for long.  Science Tuesday is here to show you that science can be fun for everyone.  We start off this week with a look at some awesome science videos that have recently been making a splash on the Internet.

“The Amazing Glass of Water Stunt”


You may have seen psychologist Richard Wiseman’s “Top 10 Quirky Science Stunts for a Party” on YouTube a few years ago—if not, check it out! One of his latest videos is another cool science trick requiring just a glass of water and some paper, which you can easily try yourself.  Still, I would suggest avoiding the laptop trick.  Science doesn’t always work out. Once my friends tried this same trick over my head in my high school chemistry class, and let’s just say it didn’t work out so well.  Better luck to you!

“The Inner Life of a Cell”


Another cool look at science, this video created at Harvard animates the inner life of a cell.  It’s amazing to see the processes in action in the microscopic cells that make up your body.  It makes you marvel at how intricate the processes that run your body are.  Modern animation techniques make the video all the more fascinating and enjoyable.

“Daniel Radcliffe Sings ‘The Elements’”


Last but not least, my personal favorite.  You may have heard “The Elements” song—a catchy tune reciting the elements on the period table—but if you haven’t seen Daniel Radcliffe’s performance then this is a must watch. His adorable rendition of the song is sure to make anyone fall in love with science.