By Staff Writer Katie Pontes

Procrastinating all month has finally caught up, and the most important day of the semester is mere days away. That’s right, it’s Halloween. The stress of picking out a creative costume on a tight budget can seem overwhelming, so the Freep Blog is here to help.

  • Michael Jackson: While costumes that emulate the “King of Pop” are rented for up to $95 at stores like Boston Costume, they can easily be made using items at Good Will or from your own closet. Wear a red leather jacket, a t-shirt, black pants, aviators and a black fedora. The iconic white glove, decorated with glitter or sequins, will suffice for the quintessential Jackson look.
  • Harry Potter/Hermione Granger: With the final movie released over the summer, a Harry Potter costume is certainly a great way to reminisce on this classic series. Fake plastic glasses sell for less than $10 at most party stores, and black robes can be found for about $20. Find a photo of the Gryffindor seal online, print it out and attach it to the robe. To dress like a Hogwarts student, simply wear a white collared shirt, a black sweater or vest, a tie and black pants. A wand can be made out of a stick, or purchased at party stores.
  • Thing 1/Thing 2: For two friends going out for Halloween together, this makes for a creative last-minute plan. With fabric paint, write, “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” on plain red t-shirts (these, along with the fabric paint, can be purchased at craft stores). Wear these with red leggings or pants. If you really want to go all out, buy blue wigs or blue hairspray from a party store.
  • “The Hangover” Cast: This is a hilarious way for a group to coordinate costumes. To dress as Alan, you’ll need a satchel, also known as a man-purse, along with a pair of khaki pants, a t-shirt, aviator sunglasses and a baby doll. For a Stu costume, you’ll need to wear khakis and a beige polo shirt. To find a “missing tooth,” check out party stores, where black tooth caps sell for less than $5. To dress as Phil, simply wear a blue dress shirt, jeans, and aviators.
  • Seven Dwarfs: For a group of friends, this is a really easy costume idea. Winter hats, loose shirts and pajama pants or leggings of various colors are all that is really needed to dress as the seven dwarves. Fake beards are a definite plus, but overall this is a wonderful excuse to wear sweats or pajamas on Halloween.
  • Charlie Sheen: To dress as Sheen during his “Two and a Half Men” days, wear khaki shorts, a polo shirt, and socks with sandals. Be sure to carry some “tiger blood” and say, “winning” as often as possible. Bringing along some “goddesses” wouldn’t hurt, either.
  • ‘80s aerobics instructor: This is quite possibly the one day of the year when it is acceptable to wear leggings as pants. Take full advantage of the situation with this costume idea. Wear as many bright colors as possible, find some leg warmers and tie up your hair in a scrunchy.